UPS screwing the pooch

UPS is really fucking up this month. Losing packages. Taking literally weeks to get packages from the local, final delivery center to their residential destinations. Drivers meeting each other to either exchange or steal packages. And Amazon is saying the price in their reputation.

Relativity vs QM

Time and again, Special and General Relativity have been shown to be accurate to within tiny margins of error. The same cannot be said of quantum mechanics. QM is inherently a model, a simplified representation of reality, with little to no understanding of the physics underlying the modeled phenomena. Attempts have been made at the underlying physics, like the standing wave hypothesis, but all have either failed or been eshewed politically for fear of falsification of the previous and apparently fragile model.

The latest QM failure is in the proving of the weak equivalence principle, with Relativity again being shown to be correct, at the expense of quantum gravity. Why don’t they learn? Because they’ve invested too much of their stupid egos in their QM worldview, regardless of how inferiority and wrong it may be.

And they call themselves scientists. Sigh.


…sure has gone to the shitter this season. Packages are being lost. Tracking is erroneous. Delays are measured in weeks. And Amazon is getting a bad reputation for it.

Police arms

I read something by Ayoob about how people like to mimic the police on their choice of handguns (and military for rifles). He couldn’t be more wrong as far as this protection minded citizen goes.

Their selections of G17 and 92FS, for example, have been outright retarded. Even their old .38 option was seriously suboptimal. And don’t get me going on their inferiority with arms generally, to say nothing of both tactics and strategy, too.

No, police (and military, for that matter) are nothing to mimic.


I seem to be in a weird [for me] position of having some bit of political capital. No idea what it can be used for yet. Unusual for me.

I am

…the tail that wags the dog.

I would have preferred to be the dog rather than its ass, but I must work with what I’ve got and accept my lot.

What did you do to save the world today?

I saw this message online. First, let’s fix the misplaced modifier. It should read, “What did you do today to save the world?” Now we may explore the depths of stupidity in this ostensibly feel-good, virtue-signaling bullshit.

The world was saved some two thousand years ago by the Son of God Himself by His propitiating sacrifice. Daring to suggest it needs saving again is flat-out a rejection of the Messiah, an admission of choosing eternal damnation a priori. Or is this implying we can save others from righteous judgment, an action only possible by the Perfect One?

Believing the world deserves any measure of saving, God’s undue grace notwithstanding, is arrogant blasphemy. By all measure of goodness, the world deserves utter destruction. (This is partly why God’s salvation is so awesome.) One who proposes it should be saved must necessarily believe his judgement superior to the Definer of good.

Save the world from what? It can’t be damnation since the questioner has willingly embraced that. It can’t be evil since ditto. Besides, we choose evil so saving the world from evil is just not doing evil. From humanity? Is humanity not of the world? Is not everything we do also natural? Can’t have it both ways. Either we are a special creation, in which case the secular/pagan question is damning, or we are simply of the world and cannot be something from whom the world needs saving. “A” or “not A”? Which is it? Can’t be both.

This analysis barely scratches the surface, but then that’s all there is to the idiots who ask the question. Like the question, the only depth they have is stupidity.

Where are all the good ones?

How do people meet each other these days? Let me be more specific. How do high quality people meet other high quality people? Most are just @&#$! morons unworthy to breathe, well, at all.

The good ones aren’t in churches anymore; they’re all apostate. Bars were never a scene of quality. Turnover in quality jobs is low, so meeting new people is slow. Turnover is high in low quality jobs, but, you know, low quality. Meetups are sad. Dating apps and services are just for hook-ups, despite their absurd protestations.

And what do you do when the seeker is not just high quality but top notch? Odds are, the global population of comparable partners may very well number only in the dozens.

It’s all so disappointing.


I literally cannot give away my brobdingnagian oak desk for free. What does that say about our culture today?

Not coincidentally, I’m sure, there’s a new trend where children have no respect for heirlooms graciously handed down to them.

Lesson? Kids suck and grow up to suck still.